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Jan 10, 2022

Lindsey Scharmyn talks to us about shamanism, tarot and dealing with adversity. 

You can find her most recent book at Amazon: All Endings: (Are Beginnings)

Thanks Lindsey!


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Jim Harold 0:00
Fleeting glimpses of things seen through a veil, darkly. Do we understand the meaning of these visions of life, why we are here, and how little of our existence we truly understand? Tonight, we will talk about these things on the Other Side.

Welcome to the other side. I'm Jim Harold. So glad to be with you once again, and we're going to have a great conversation. We have someone who is very active in multimedia, and we're going to talk about shamanism, spiritual journeys, those types of topics today, which are very appropriate for this show. And our guest is Lindsey Sharmyn. She is the host of the Rogue Ways podcast. She is also an author of multiple books, including her most recent, All Endings Are Beginnings, and really looking forward to speaking with her she is an experiencer of other realms via astral travel, dream-walking, visions, and interaction with other dimensional entities. A Shaman, spiritual guide and teacher for others, she's going to talk today we'll talk about things like cleansings and blessings and spiritual reclamation. We're so glad to have her with us today. Lindsay, thank you for joining us, and welcome to the program.

Lindsay Sharmyn 1:18
Jim, thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited. I know you have a fantastic audience. And it's just great to be here.

Jim Harold 1:24
Well, good, good to have you. How did you begin this journey? And you know, some people who are very spiritual? They say, "I knew from day one," and then yet others say, "Well, this is something that happened to me later in life." How did how did that happen for you? How did you begin this journey?

Lindsay Sharmyn 1:41
It's a little bit of both to be honest, I, you know, when I look back more and more, I see that when I was very young, I did have an innate understanding of- of our spiritual truth and, you know, that we're souls more than bodies, and that there was more going on than what it seemed like, you know, on the surface, and- and that I could interact with and communicate with things that other people seem to not notice or not to be in touch with, or to think, you know, that I was weird for, for doing. So. I guess that all kind of just rolled off my back though, and kind of seeped into the, you know, childhood becomes very foggy and nebulous as- as we go. And so I think I kind of lost connection with that, to some extent, partially through pretty severe childhood trauma. My father died when I was very young. And we were very unstable and didn't always have houses and food and things like this. And I think that played a large role in my disconnection from those things, you know, I became very angry at what we might call God, and sort of rejected everything good in the world, because it seemed like it was just a lie. But shortly after that, I started having experiences that I just couldn't deny. And some of them came in the form of pretty severe and, and negative seeming attacks, that I had to learn how to sort of defend myself against, and this just sort of drew me into a life of those types of experiences. And, you know, and finally serving others to find themselves, get more deeply connected with their spiritual roots and, and protect themselves as well from, you know, what might be out there that isn't great: isn't good.

Jim Harold 3:22
Well, that's interesting, because when people start on a spiritual journey, it sounds like there's, you know, there's great things about it, there's positive energy that you can connect to, but also negative. So that happened to you, right?

Lindsay Sharmyn 3:40
Yeah, yeah, it's very, you know, I really, I hesitate, because I don't want to scare people. There is there is darkness and there is evil in the worl d. And you know what? There's way, way more good. There's way more that is what I call good, true and beautiful: it is on your side and looking out for you and protecting you than there is that's dark and coming after you and attacking you. So I always like to put that out there, because I don't want anyone to feel, you know, like this is beyond their control or like they could never handle this or that they don't have allies and you know, guides and whatever you want to call those types of forces of good. So I do want to say that but yeah, so very, very dark energies exist. And I think for a lot of us who are called eventually to serve others, we do go through this sort of almost like an initiation where we are, you know, facing really powerful darkness, both as somewhat of a test somewhat of like a purification and, and somewhat as a, you know, prove yourself. Can you help yourself? Because if you can help yourself and you can heal yourself from this, then you can help and heal others as well. And if you can't, you're going to be given grace, something else will come in and help you instead. But you might not then be the one who's called to- to help others. So there is... it's not always very fun. That's sometimes especially terrifying and, and really dark. And I don't- I don't know many people who would want to deal with a lot of the things that I've dealt with and some of those attacks.

Jim Harold 5:09
Now, let me ask you this, and we don't have to go terribly deep into it if you choose not to. But we've had many people over the years on the various programs talking about Tarot. And did this connection come or this attachment? Did it come in connection with Tarot?

Lindsay Sharmyn 5:25
It did. Yeah. And, and I still do Tarot, which is also confusing to some people. For a time I did not, because of just how powerful and just how dark of an attachment I got through Tarot. But the truth is, it wasn't Tarot's fault. Tarot was a neutral tool, you know, just like anything, it doesn't have any concern, whether it's used for good or bad, or anything in between just like a knife, or a gun, or an axe or anything else, right? These are all just things you can use to cut down a tree, or to carve a ham, or you can use it for something nefarious and Tarot was the same. But I had no idea what Tarot was or anything about it. And I was at a sleepover party, and people were doing Tarot. And I kind of stood back and watched everyone else get their reading and seemed like, you know, kind of fun and weird and sort of spooky and- and finally, it was my turn, I was the last person, and so I got my reading done. And it was terrifying to be honest- and no one else's seemed terrifying at all. Everyone else's seemed fine and normal. And kind of like, oh, this is you know, there'll be a Dark Stranger in your future. And you'll get some money and all these sort of, I think traditional sort of low level Tarot ideas. And then I had my reading, and the person giving me the reading was progressively becoming more and more terrified. As time went on, as each card was flipped, she was kind of freaking out more and more and, and losing it. And by the last card, she kind of threw the whole deck and she was like, "I don't know what that... like, you know, what's going on? And this is crazy. And you're crazy!" And I was really scared at that point. You know? Because she's the leader of the group, and she's the one who's doing the Tarot, and knows what's going on. And if she's this scared, should I be scared? And- and what happened if- for anyone who's familiar with Tarot I- I wasn't at the time, and I am much more so now. And now looking back, I don't even understand how this happened. But I- every single card in my 10 card reading was a major arcana card, there's only 22 of in the deck and out of a deck of 76. Yeah. And so that's not very probable, it's highly unlikely that you would get all 10 cards, Major Arcana, it's highly unlikely you'll get more than you know, three or four really. And so to get all 10 was a big deal. And then every single one of them was reversed.

Jim Harold 7:47

Lindsay Sharmyn 7:47
And you could be reversed or upright. So you have a 50-50 chance you should have a pretty even mix, sometimes it's 7 to 3 instead of 5 and 5, you know, whatever. But not there's never all 10 of upright, all ten reversed. It's... either would be fairly uncommon. So to get both in one reading was especially uncommon. For you math junkies out there, the probabilities are quite low. So I understand now why she freaked out, you know, why each card was progressively more and more terrifying for her, and why she did not understand it. How this could even be possible. And, as she put it, "what was wrong with me?" So that was the beginning. And, you know, I after that just developed this attraction to Tarot, I wanted to know more, I wanted to understand why that was so powerful and strange. And I just had this temptation, you know, this feeling like, I just want to do it. And so I got the same deck, actually, I found it in a bookstore. I got, you know, taught myself how to do it. And I started giving readings to people. And I was very uncannily good at it. And I knew exactly what each card meant. I knew what was going on in the person's life without them telling me. I knew what to tell them that would, you know, be the perfect thing for them to hear and, and there's nothing bad or evil about that, you know, that was just really helpful for people. People enjoyed it. And people started coming to me for readings. And that's kind of, you know, something I became sort of known for in my town, in my school. And this is all when I'm about 14 or 15 years old. And I did not connect that at the same exact time I started experiencing sleep paralysis. Ongoing. Over and over again frequently, every week, multiple times a week. And then I did not also connect when, what I now look back and would call poltergeist activity started to happen. And I really didn't have, you know, this was before the internet. There was not a lot of, you know, movies that I necessarily watched or was into, and I just didn't really have an understanding of these types of things. And I did not put any of this together. I didn't connect it all. But you know, poltergeist activity started taking place in my house as well. So all of these things are now going on ever since that fateful Tarot reading, which I just did not connect at all. It took- it took me a while to put it all together and things came to a really dark and negative head. But I'll pause, and give you a moment if you'd like to interject anything.

Jim Harold 10:12
Well, I mean, the thing is, is that what you said was very interesting to me. When you were talking about Tarot. I've had people say very similar to me that it's just a tool, I think of it as if you're in a car, and you get in a car accident, and God forbid that happen, but it does happen. And most of us who have driven have either gotten in a car accident, either as a passenger or as a driver, and yeah, you're a little hesitant to get behind the wheel again, but it wasn't necessarily the car's fault, you know? So...

Lindsay Sharmyn 10:45
Yes, it's exactly like that. Yeah. So that... And it did take me a while to come back to that understanding, because what happened was- was pretty traumatic and terrifying for me. So, um, so I'll tell about that. I, you know, so things at this point, were, you know, Tarot readings were going quite well, people did not understand how I could be so uncannily correct and know all these things that I shouldn't have known. And- and so that was really fun for me, that kind of stroked my ego, you know. And the things were moving around in my house without cause seemingly, things would jump off of counters and landed in front of me. And I just explained it away. And I think most people are doing this, if these types of things are happening to them, you know, the more I investigate, I find people who say like, "oh, no, nothing weird's ever happened to me." And if you start sharing a story of yours that you know, is weird, then they'll say, "well, there was this time, but I just didn't really think about it, I just kind of explained it away." And I think we're really good at explaining things away. We're really good at trying to rationalize what's happening to us. And there's some of us who are desperately waiting for the things to happen. And we're like, "I want to see a ghost, I want to see a UFO!" And so we're not, you know, those people are not as likely to explain away, but I think most people are looking to keep their life as rational as possible and explain it all away. And I was doing the same thing. Like, "well, there must have been a gust of wind, or there have been like, you know, this cup must have had some water under it. And it just moved suddenly, like it, you know, kinda of does. It's weird that it also lifted up, and then fell in front of me. But you know, things are weird, and who knows, what can happen!" And finally, some of the things that started to really get to me and show me there was more than going on, then what I could rationalize away was... it's kind of complicated. But there's this flashlight, right? Back in the back in the 90s, you could plug these flashlights into the wall and they would recharge, and- but to do so, the flashlight had to have a button that was fully depressed and kept depressed the whole time that you've flipped out the sort of plug-in otherwise tucked back into the mechanism, so that it would be streamlined while you're holding it. So you'd hold the button down, you'd undo, and you'd like get that plug-in completely out. And then you could plug it into the wall. And so it was plugged in and charging. And vice versa, if you wanted to take it out and use it you have to pull it out, you did completely depress the button, put the plug in back into the mechanism, and then you could turn the flashlight on. And before that, the flashlight would not turn on. So I was walking one day past this flashlight, and it fell off the wall, and turned on. And I didn't really even think about it then, until I picked it up to plug it back in, and realized something had depressed the button fully, and completely put the plug-in mechanism back into the house light.

Jim Harold 10:54

Lindsay Sharmyn 11:10
And that's when I just dropped it, and ran out of the door, and, you know, left. (Laughs) I was like, I can't explain this. And that's really scary, like what just happened? You know, it took me a while to even go back home, because I just couldn't explain it to myself. And I just didn't understand. And I didn't want to confront that there might be an intelligent entity of some kind, interacting with me, and I still, I think I'm a pretty smart person. But I still didn't connect my sleep paralysis, or the terror, or any of this to these things. So one night, I was sitting in my house, had gone back home at some point. And I was playing on my computer, I was at a desk, and under my desk was my dog, Rain. I had my dog for over a decade at this point. Best dog I ever had, one of my best friends. Playing, you know, Minesweeper or something, to date myself.

Jim Harold 14:13

Lindsay Sharmyn 14:13
(Laughs) And I feel this energy from behind me and, you know, we've all felt this feeling. Like you're being looked at, right?

Jim Harold 14:18

Lindsay Sharmyn 14:19
Or like someone's behind you, and you turn, and someone's looking at you, and behind you. And so you know that feeling. And it was like that, but it was a lot more disturbing than that. But I was home alone, and I, you know, we all have the tendency to freak ourselves out sometimes. So I knew I was maybe just being weird, but I kept looking behind me. And I kept looking behind me, and nothing was there. And it really started to get to me, and I started to feel really cold. Very cold. And I was starting to shiver, and I was like, "Well this is really weird. Like it's warm in here. I'm shivering. I feel like there's something behind me. There's not. You know, okay, whatever. I'm just being weird." My dog gets up from a dead sleep, comes out from under the desk, looks at the exact spot behind me where I'm feeling like this energy coming from, and he starts growling. And this is when I just break, because my dog is the nicest most loving dog in the world, and literally, in my entire over a decade of knowing him, had never once growled at anything or anyone.

Jim Harold 15:16

Lindsay Sharmyn 15:17
So to hear him growl, like, sent my own hackles up, and I ran into my bedroom, and got under the covers. Because that, as we all know, is a safe place. (Laughs)

Jim Harold 15:26
(Laughs) That sounds like a good reaction. That sounds like a good reaction. So- and kind of looping into something I talked about in the biography, we talked about cleansings, and blessings, and spiritual reclamation. So how did you, I guess, two questions. How did you rid yourself of whatever this was? And in general, what is your philosophy about helping others rid these kind of nasty entities?

Lindsay Sharmyn 15:26
Well, I've come to a lot more of a syncretic view of it all, where, you know, there is no one tradition or a path that I think is better than any other. And so it's- it can be very individual for each person. But at that time, I had nothing. I had no tools. I had no real spiritual understanding or traditions of my own. And, you know, that same night or soon after, I, you know, was hiding in my bed that night, and... I don't think it was that same night? I think it was the night soon after. But anyways, I had another sleep paralysis episode very shortly after this, you know, my dog growling at what wasn't there, apparently. And in the sleep paralysis episode, I became, you know, out of body, but I didn't again, understand astral travel, being out of body or any of these things. I didn't really know. And though I was out of body, I couldn't travel around as, you know, I could do now or as many people do. Now, at the time I was- something about the sleep paralysis had me sort of also paralyzed on the soul level. But I could see everything just like you can when you're astral traveling, that light that comes from everything and nowhere at once. Everything was exactly as it looks in, you know, daylight, and as you're walking around, awake, but I was asleep and out of body. And so it's very strange for me, I didn't understand that at all. And I felt that same presence coming from behind me again. And I looked, somehow, even though my head couldn't turn, and I saw coming through my door, as though it didn't actually exist in physical reality, a black blob of energy, and it felt very bad.

Jim Harold 15:53

Lindsay Sharmyn 16:00
And I instantly recoiled and knew, this is the thing that's been throwing things around my house. This is the reason I've been having sleep paralysis for over a year, at this time. And I didn't yet understand that this was also the being that was helping me do Tarot reading so well. But, I knew it was not good. But as I was thinking, all these bad things, "This thing feels bad, I don't like it." It morphed into the shape of a small girl child. And it did this on purpose, because it knows everything about us, and everything we think. And I knew that I would enjoy a small girl child, because I like helping, especially children, which is why I eventually became a teacher. And also that I had this one idea in my head that there could be ghosts, and that some of them could be trapped on Earth and need to get to heaven or hell or whatever might be after life, right? This is my sort of young understanding of what might be going on in the world. And so it was playing on those two things. And so when I saw it become a girl, I said, "Oh, it's just a little girl ghost." Like I'm saying this in my head to myself, right? "It's just a little girl ghosts, and she just needs to get to heaven. And I'm supposed to help her." Right? And here's the little ego play again, trying to get me as tight in as possible. And as soon as I thought all those things, and was watching this thing morph into a girl, and come towards me, and sort of like putting my defenses down and accepting it a little more. Luckily, a voice in my head very strongly and clearly said, "That's just what it wants you to think." And it heard that voice just like I heard that voice.

Jim Harold 18:57

Lindsay Sharmyn 18:57
And it knew the gig was up, just like I knew the gig was up. And I saw it start to jump towards me. And this is all happening now, at this point, in like nanoseconds. And as it's jumping towards me, all I could think to do is to say, "Dear God, help me." And as I said, "Dear God, help me." God did help me and a sort of shield appeared right over my body, and this thing hits that shield- that shield right before it was going to hit me and hit the shield instead. And I saw it and felt it bounce off. And I heard, without hearing, the sound of, you know, brash, metal clashing, screaming electricity implosions and everything negative you can think of all at once. Like a scream of anger, of an unworldly sort of anger. And I- That scared me more than anything else. That sound. To know that had passion and emotion and cognizance, and that it was so angry at me was the one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

Jim Harold 19:55

Lindsay Sharmyn 19:56
And I, somehow, finally moved a pinkie. If you've ever had sleep paralysis, you know how it goes, and you finally move something, and then you can finally kind of get up. And I ran into my mother's bed, because my bed was no longer the safe place I could hide under the covers. But hers was. And I ran into her bed, and I spent the rest of the night awake, not being able to sleep, with horrible visions being put into my head, which I, you know, didn't understand at the time, I thought I was going insane. But I was seeing the most just horrendous evil things I won't even describe, because it's so awful.

And so I thought, "Well, why am I seeing these things? What just happened to me?" like, "I clearly just need to go to the loony bin at this point. And, and that's all there is to it. And so I guess I'll have to deal with that tomorrow." Pretty, you know, telling people, "I'm insane, you should probably do something about it." Because I just had no frame of reference for any of this. But I still tried to convince myself like nothing was really happening, or that I just was crazy, or that this would somehow go away or something. And I went to school the next morning, completely sleep deprived. But I had been in various bad states, I'd had, again, a childhood of trauma. And so I'd been to school in all kinds of hungover and just, you know, decrepit and not slept. And so people had seen me in pretty negative states of being, and I got out of my- my car. So I was apparently 16 at this point. I got out of my car in the morning, and when my friends saw me, they just looked at me and, you know, their smiles disappeared, and their eyes went wide. And they were like, "What're- what's wrong? What happened?" And it started to really freak me out by the time the third or fourth person looked at me and instantly was like, "Oh, my God, are you okay?" Because I was like, "Well, now, I mean, other people can see this. So it's not just me, like something really has been happening to me. And is happening to me. And I don't understand it. And I don't know what to do." And the only thing I could think of was my friend's parents had a very strong faith. And they were constantly talking about God, and Jesus, and demons, and all these things. And I was like, "I need to call them. What if that's what's going on with me?" So I called them from our little payphone. And I asked him if I could come over. And even though that meant that I'd be skipping school, they instantly were like, "Yes, come over." And it was just like they knew and had been waiting, you know, for me to ask them for help. So I went over, and I told them that the story feeling very, very crazy and like they were going to commit me. And instead they said, "Oh, yeah, you're being attacked by demons."

Jim Harold 22:21

Lindsay Sharmyn 22:21
(Laughs). And I was very confused. I was just like, "You just know this? This is just a thing? This is just a normal Tuesday for you like?" (Laughs). So I asked him, "Well, you know, if that's true, what do I do? What do we do?" And they're like, "Oh, it's very easy. You just pray to Jesus. You ask Jesus into your life." I was like, "Okay, let's do it." And they- and I was like, "What do I do?" And they led me in this prayer. Literally, as soon as I said, the words that are something like, "Jesus come into my heart and my life," that I felt from head to toe, an immense, complete, and total peace. And I had not understood just how harassed, and just how down, and just how attacked I had been until that moment. Because I didn't have anything to compare it to. This had been a progressively invasive attachment and attack. And so you become sort of unaware of like how angsty it makes you, and how sort of angry and depressed, or, you know, how doubtful, or just whatever these negative feelings it wants you to have are. But that moment when I asked for Jesus to come into my heart: pure peace. And I literally just started crying and bawling. And I told them, I've never felt this good in my life. And they're like, "Yeah, that's Jesus." Like this was just as normal to them as telling me I had been under a demonic attack. So this is just a Tuesday to them, or whatever. But it, you know, taught me this was all very real. If I can say these words, and this just disappears. If those people could see this on my face. I'm not actually crazy. These things are actually happening to me. And so then I went about on a lifelong investigation of what this all is. How you can get these attachments. What these things are. What they want. And how to get rid of them. And I don't always, you know, in fact, I almost never tell people to specifically invite Jesus into their heart in order to protect themselves. Although, I- anyone can use that and try that. Jesus is an awesomely powerful energy and source of love, and protection, and open to anyone. You don't have to embrace Christianity or do anything special. You could pray to Him, ask Him for him help, His help, or whatever you would like. But there's also, I have learned, just hosts and hosts and hosts of other also good, true, and beautiful energies and beings that want to help, and provide comfort and peace. And so you know, it doesn't matter if, you know, a lot of people don't specifically like Christianity or Jesus. And that's fine too. And so I've- I've actually, you know, each trial, each attack, and each entity I've had to deal with I've- I've sort of learned different tools and different allies, and guides, and beings that I work with, in order to, you know, at first help myself, and then help others. And so I have just a grab bag of tools, and feelings, and energies that that we can use to help people. And, you know, I'm not always dealing directly with demonic attachment and dark attachment. A lot of times, it's a lot more simple than that. A lot of times, it's our own psychology, our own shadow self, and, you know, our own sort of wounds that we give ourselves. Or wounds that others gave us psychologically and emotionally, that we're dealing with that act very similar sometimes. And so, you know, there's- there's a whole range of what can be going on with people and- and I'm blessed and lucky enough to help people through all of those types of things.

Jim Harold 25:40
And I think that goes back to the next thing I was gonna ask you. You were described as a shaman. And that's a powerful word. That's a- That's a powerful claim. So what do you mean by that? Maybe people don't understand. So if you can clarify for people, what you mean by being a shaman?

Lindsay Sharmyn 26:00
Well, I'll say first, I've never wanted to call myself a shaman. But the more I work, and the more I do, and the more I tell people what I do, the more other people have called me a shaman.

Jim Harold 26:11

Lindsay Sharmyn 26:11
So I finally have just agreed to say that, so that people understand, I guess, at least somewhat of what I do and what my life has been. Because we don't have any really good words outside of this word. You know, like, what else would I what I say? I'm- I'm not a priest, you know, I'm not a priestess. Like, there's just... we don't have a lot of good words for just spiritual workers and people who can heal and help you detach from negative entities, and energies, and these things. But what it really is- is that I have become pretty adept at going into whatever you might want to call, I call it ceremonial space. I call it soul space. And- and some people say the "other side," you know, and I do this in various different ways, at various different levels. And so that's, you know, pretty- pretty much what people would describe as a shaman- a shaman. And I have my g-guides, and allies, and ways of getting information from the other side as well. And so, I don't necessarily go in and do anything in those spaces, except observe, actually. And what's actually happening is that my guides and allies that I work with, will work with, for example, your guides and allies, Jim, if we were to work together. And- and they're actually the ones doing everything, and I'm just observing, watching, and you know, providing intention and love and- and space for this to happen. And bringing back what I what I can, you know, then for you. To know and understand and be able to work with and heal from. And so, that's really what's going on. And so I don't even... I tell people this all the time, "I- I really don't even do anything." (Laughs). If I do anything, what it is, is being constantly of a mind and intention to be able to do this work. To be able to help and to keep myself, you know, pure as possible and aligned as possible, so that this can continue to occur when it needs to.

Jim Harold 28:09
You're also an author and podcaster. And I want to hit on both of those. So first with the book, your most recent book, All Endings Are Beginnings. Can you talk a little bit about the book?

Lindsay Sharmyn 28:21
Yeah, thank you, I, you know, my show, Roadways, at the end of every episode, I just had this experience where, sort of an ending would come out. And I- I do my show live. So I really don't know what's going to happen when I'm talking with... You know, I have an idea of some of the questions we might ask, but, you know, which direction is it going to take? It's long form. It's often an hour or two. And so, who knows what we're going to touch on? And in a lot of times, these endings I write, I- when I'm writing them, I'm like, "I don't know why I'm even writing this?" Like, "this doesn't even really make sense!" And then- and then I talked to the person, you know, for an hour, an hour and a half. And during the conversation, I am thinking, "Oh, this is exactly why that ending came out that conclusion." And then I read the conclusion, and it's like, it was perfect. You know, it's like it was known ahead of time what had it happened,

Jim Harold 29:05

Lindsay Sharmyn 29:05
(laughs) and that this conclusion would be for that content. And this happened so often. Over and over and over again, I started understanding like, "Oh, this is actually you know, channeled. What people would call channeling writing- automatic writing. Sort of in between those two things. And- and that this is profound." And all of the messages are- are often very beautiful, and very helpful and uplifting anyways. So at some point, you know, people started saying, "We love your endings! We love your endings! We want to know- we want to know how do you do the endings? Where do they come from? Blah, blah, blah." And I was like, "You know? These are actually really cool. Oh, I see. These weren't just meant for the show. These were meant to be collected and put into this book. And it's almost like an Oracle." So each page is one of these endings. It's one of these profound sort of beautiful messages that were channeled through. And you can ask a question, or you can just be open and say, "I don't know. What do I need to know or hear today?" And you can just open to a random page, and there's your- your answer. And the response to this has been beautiful when people get this book and use it in this way. I get all these pictures of, "It was this page!" and, "It was this one," and, "This was the question I asked." And they're always so perfect and, you know, direct answers to these questions. And so, it's almost like a Tarot deck, but really, really easy. A lot easier. (Laughs).

I do believe that, somehow, things are channeled to us through the universe, or whatever you want to call it. Because I think of, you know, you hear of these muse musicians, who maybe the song that they're, for example, that they're most known for, they'd say something like, "Well, I wrote it in 10 minutes. It just came to me. I don't know where it came from." That seems to be such a universal thing throughout history and various art forms, that I have to believe there's something that we're tapping into, that's communicating with us and inspiring writings, and music, and paintings, or whatever it might be.

I am absolutely with you. And And this brings us to, you know, my understanding is 100% of people are capable of this. You know, when people say to me, like, "Well, how did you get like this?" or, "How did you start to do this?" or, "Why you?" I just say, I-I think 100% of us have this. It might be harder for some than others, for whatever reason, just like we all have talents and proclivities. But if you are present, aware, and make yourself available to source God, you know, these energies, whatever you want to call them, they're going to absolutely work with you and come through you too. And the more commitment you have to that, and the more presence you have in each day, and, you know, this is why people have practices that they do like meditations and various things, is to keep themselves in that presence and to keep themselves in that attention. And I think anyone can choose to do that. And that these types of experiences can happen to anyone. And I think even if you don't do that, if you are just an artist, or someone doing things, these things will come to you anyway. It might be less often. It might be less profound. Or however you want to measure those things. But it's still happening, right? I think just like you said, this energy wants to be heard. It wants to be expressed, and we are it. It's not separate from us. And so it's just going to come through, and even if it's as simple as the moments where you're inspired to say like, "Oh, you know what? I'm going to go help that person pick up their things they just dropped." That's- that's a little slice of it, as well. And we're all connected to it.

Jim Harold 32:20
Now, one thing that I saw in your bio, I have to ask you about, because I'm always fascinated by this topic, and even going back. And this is a little silly, but when I was a teenager, you know, you would hear about astral travel. And I would think, "Oh that would be neat to be able to you know, travel wherever you wanted. To travel at any time, with no boundaries, and just just kind of to be a fly on the wall!" And the funny thing is, is that, that's always something that's still interested me. I've never experienced it or anything, that I know of. But talk to us about astral travel, because that that's a fascinating subject.

Lindsay Sharmyn 32:58
Yeah, it's very, very cool. It's, um, it's just like being awake in the real world. But you can move anywhere as quickly as you like, and go and do anything. And- and what you're interacting with and doing in that space is is real. It's just as real as anything else. I'll go a bit further and say dreams are also real, even the very strange and bizarre ones that don't make sense. They're just happening in a slightly different space. It's more psychological and internal, usually, than not. But this is all a spectrum, right? And astral travel is sort of the far end of the spectrum of that same sort of type of experience that we would call dreaming. They're just different sort of bandwidths, if you would, and slightly different spaces, but they're both very real. And this is another thing that anybody is capable of, again, there's some people who are just naturals. They just pop out of their body every night, and they can just go do it. They don't even try or think about it. And then there's those of us who have to be very intentional, work at it, prepare for it, and like do it. And that's much more like how I am. I'm not- I'm not as natural as a astral projection, whatever you might call it. Then- then some other people are much more of a what I call a Dreamwalker, which is.... I'm guided again. Sort of like that ceremonial space that I talked about, where I'm not really the one doing anything. I'm much more there to observe and see what we can do together. And when I'm dreaming off, and I'm sort of picked up, or- or taken along with one of my guides or allies to do various things in that dream space, it's a bit different from astral projection. I have astrally projected a handful of times in my life. And I- and I know that- that I could do it more. It's actually a little complicated for me. I was told by some of my guides and allies that I'm intentionally grounded for some reason. It's not grounded like a punishment, but grounded as in not going flying around the planet in astral form. And that there's a reason for this, and it has something to do with my protection. And so, whatever that might mean, I'll just say, I think astral projection is a lot like Tarot, and other things, and that it's a tool. And that if you're not sure how to do it, or how to use it safely, you may not want to do it at all. Because there are dangers in all of these things. Primarily being, you know, possible attack and attachment by forces that are not good, true, beautiful. And so I- I always like to throw that warning out too; that there is like the dark side of astral travel. Again, not to scare anyone, but just to know, you know, if you're going to go pick up a Tarot deck, or you're gonna go try to astral travel, you may want to learn how to protect yourself, and how to do it right. And, you know, how to be aligned with the energies you want to connect with and align with, and how to keep away those that you don't.

Jim Harold 35:47
Very, very interesting, indeed, very interesting, indeed. Now, finally, I do want you to tell people a little bit about your podcast, as well.

Lindsay Sharmyn 35:57
Yeah, well, it's- if you'd like all the things we just talked about, that's often what I'm talking about on Roadways. I have all kinds of guests really from, you know, doctors and scientists to people who are spiritual and astral travel. And I really like to run the whole gamut of topics, and guests, and types of things. And so Roadways is really all of that stuff and- and it does have my- my spiritual flair in it: no matter what the topic is. Just because, that's who I am. But for my more focused spiritual content, where I really want to help people, you know, practically bring more spiritual practices and awareness into their lives, and start to transform and heal whatever they might need to heal, I do a show called The Middle Path every Thursday. And both of these are on Rokfin, and YouTube, and podcast apps. But Middle Path is often for just some subscribers and supporters, as well. Sometimes, I put it out there on the on the podcast or other platforms, but I do try to keep it to a little bit quieter and intimate group setting. And so, if people are interested in that, they would want to become a supporter on on Rokfin, or Subscribe Star, or Locals: which are where some of my communities and support structures are. And so the show is on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm MT (9pm ET, 6pm PT), it's always live, and it's a lot of fun. I really enjoy my community, just tends to be some of the best people, I'm sure like your audience also, are just--

Jim Harold 37:20

Lindsay Sharmyn 37:21
--good-hearted, open-minded people who like to learn and- and appreciate having that kind of heart-centered approach, as well. And in a very practical, no nonsense way. I really don't have time for anything. You know, despite what we've just talked about, I really am maybe the hardest skeptic there is. And everything I've come to has been through, as you may have noticed in my story, a lot of evidence piling up before I finally say "Okay, there's something real about this, there's something going on." So as "woo woo" and far off as I've gone, I actually do have a lot of that practical skeptic- skepticism in both of my shows, as well. But at my site, "" You can find, you know, connections to either show. I also do offer spiritual healing guidance and all sorts of ways we can talk one-on-one. Or I can do ceremony, if you do feel like you have a deeper, a darker sort of attachment or problem going on. I do also healing through tuning forks, alignments, and clearings and that way. I do blessings, if it's just sort of a quick issue that you might want a little relief from. And then, I also do Tarot readings still, and I do them quite safely. I didn't know how, at first. Though, now, I know exactly how to keep it very safe and good, true, and beautiful for people. So if you do want to Tarot reading, that's also available on all my books are also on my site at ""

Jim Harold 38:45
Very good. Well, we have appreciated your time, Lindsay Sharmyn, and very interesting insight indeed. Thank you so much for being a part of the program today.

Lindsay Sharmyn 38:56
Thank you so much for having me, Jim. And audience, as well! It's- it's good to be here and to meet you all.

Jim Harold 39:01
And thank YOU for tuning in! We hope that you enjoyed it. We'll talk to you next time. Have a great week, everybody. Bye, bye.