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Apr 22, 2022

Kathryn Hudson talks to us about working with crystals.

You can find her book on the subject at Amazon: Discover Your Crystal Family: Working with Stones and Their Angelic Messengers

Thanks Kathryn!

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Jim Harold 0:00
Fleeting glimpses of things seen through a veil, darkly. Do we understand the meaning of these visions, of life? Why we are here and how little of our existence we truly understand? Tonight, we will talk of these things on the Other Side.

Welcome to the program. I am Jim Harold, and so glad to be with you once again. And a topic that we have covered numerous times on the show, but not in this way, I don't think, is that of crystals and the energy that is imbued with them and how you can use them in your life. And today, we're gonna have a fascinating discussion, we're going to talk about a recent book from a repeat guest who is always interesting. We're going to talk about the book, Discover Your Crystal Family: Working with stones and their angelic messengers. And so glad to have Kathryn Hudson again on the line. She is a certified Angel therapy and crystal healing practitioner and teacher, also a Reiki Master Teacher, Kathryn writes, speaks, and teaches all over the world on opening up to the spiritual side of life. She lives in France and in the United States. And we're so glad to speak with her today. Kathryn, welcome back to the program.

Kathryn Hudson 1:17
Thanks so much, Jim. You know I love to come back and visit with you and with your audience.

Jim Harold 1:21
Thank you so much. So crystals. I mean, a lot of times when I've talked to other people about crystals, you kind of think, Okay, well, you have this crystal, and this crystal has this property, and you can work with it this way. And it can do this thing for you, or add to your life in such in such a way. But you talked about the concept of crystal--your crystal family, what do you mean by crystal family?

Kathryn Hudson 1:48
So, Jim, thanks so much for this question. It is kind of a twist of a title. And what I mean by that is I go a little bit further than the sort of bandaid or bandage approach to crystals and--and in suggesting that the crystals that are around us are not around us by accident, that uh, well, they're--all things are made of energy, including us, including crystals, and that there is a connection that's deeper than simply a tool that one would use like I would use a hammer if I wanted to drive a nail. That even for the people who are not so interested in crystals, I always say well look around and see if you have any in your house, then, "oh yeah, in fact I do, I have a paperweight, I have a crystal somebody gave me I have--" Well, I would argue that those--those are family numbers, and they're waiting for us to recognize that they are indeed part of the family, that they're there to--to help us evoke within ourselves a certain quality, a certain movement along our paths. So the connection between family is, of course, very close, I would argue that our connection with the crystals that we are attracted to or have attracted consciously or unconsciously into our lives, that that's family. That these are soul contracts, that were meant to be relying on them in a more conscious way than simply you know, having a crystal decorate your living room.

Jim Harold 3:20
Now, how does one--let's say someone has always been intrigued by crystals, but they've never made the plunge. They've never purchased a crystal, they've never done anything with crystals. How do they dip their toe in the water and get involved in this?

Kathryn Hudson 3:36
I love that. So I would say um, and at the risk of repeating myself, I'm going to repeat myself. The first thing I asked somebody is, "do you have any crystals?" And so often the the knee jerk reaction is no. But okay, well just--just go double check in your house and see what might be there. Because sometimes we might have a vase that's made of crystal, or we have jewelry that have crystals in them. Because all--all semi precious and precious stones are crystals, just to get a sense of what's already around us before running off and buying crystals or, you know, making an investment sometimes, which are you know, sometimes those are big investments. Because that gives an idea of what is already supporting us in day to day life. And we can amplify that by doing it consciously. So that's--that's the first thing. The second thing that I say right off the bat, especially like if I'm teaching, is to recognize it's an invitation to recognize that the--the crystals don't do anything in our place instead of us. So if you have, for example, an amethyst is an extra excellent stone for for healing addiction. So sometimes I get moms who say, "Well, can I slip this into my teenager's room and will that help?" No, it won't help. Because nobody--there is no--no support in the universe that's going to disrespect our free will. The person has to be willing to work with a crystal and then consciously accessing the energy of it for it to be effective. Basically, the way it works is every crystal has a certain emanation. The energy of it is creates an aura or an emanation energetically around it. And it evokes, because energy seeks equilibrium, it evokes the same energy or the same quality that is already within us. So it helps us to access these qualities that are latent within ourselves, and use them, have access to those qualities more on a day to day basis.

Jim Harold 5:51
What's your favorite crystal?

Kathryn Hudson 5:54
Amethyst. I'm holding it even as we speak, for a number of reasons. But the main reason is because when my crystal path started, and I had already always been attracted, and Amethyst is, by the way, my birthstone as well. I was working in a bank, a million years ago in the middle of Manhattan. And I was little hungover as I recall. And I was trying to dodge clients, I didn't want to be working with anybody. And a woman came into the bank and came straight for my desk. So I got up and gave her my back and pretended to be very busy. And instead of going to the other bankers that were calling her over to try to render service, she waited for me, she sat down at my desk and waited for me to turn around. And when I did, I wasn't really happy about it. By the way, I was really not feeling too great at the time, I was in a darker place, let's say completely dark place. Nothing like now, but I extended my hand dutifully. "Welcome to the bank. My name is Kathryn Hudson, how may I help you," and she did not take my hand. Instead, she said, "I'm actually here to help you." And she placed the amethyst crystal that I have in my hand at this moment, she placed it in my hand and said, "this will help you with your addictions." And then she left. So I didn't even realize, I didn't even see her go, I was in such shock. And I looked down at the stone in my hand, which at that time, it was like 98. So stones were not everywhere at that time. This was a really weird, weird thing that was happening. And my head was trying to make sense of it. You know, I was really trying to figure out what what the heck's going on here. And then I thought I understood, I lift up my head to say, "Excuse me, ma'am, we're a bank, we're serious. You don't sell things like that," I thought she was trying to sell it to me. And then I lifted my head to tell her so, she was already out the door. This is why I connect angels with crystals. Because this woman walked in off the streets in the middle of Manhattan, never saw her before or after, to hand a very confused young banker (laughs) a crystal with a message that was very pointed, Angel messages are like that, they're not always fluffy wings and butterflies. So--so that's my favorite--it's my favorite crystal in general, amethyst. Amethyst helps us to release that which no longer serves, and so align with our highest self. And specifically the amethyst that's in my hand which comes from that day.

Jim Harold 8:35
And you actually anticipated. My next question was how do stones interact with the angelic realm? How does that work? How common is it? And you just gave a lovely example of it. Can you talk to us about that more?

Kathryn Hudson 8:50
Absolutely. It's one of the differences of my book, there's so many wonderful, marvelous crystal books out there. And of course, everyone should just follow their own inclination and feel which one attracts them. But the specificity--one of the specificities of this book is that I talk about the link between the angelic realm and the crystal realm. And as I just mentioned, I am--some people ask me if that was my--if I thought that was an angel that walked in. And I would go further and say it was my guardian angel that got tired of me not listening, that actually came into my earthly experience, to--to give me a palpable reminder. But as I was teaching, and I teach about angels, and I teach about crystals, and I do it separately, or I did it separately, as two different paths that one can follow to reconnect and realign with our highest and best in this lifetime, and in all lifetimes. And as I was teaching, suddenly, I had the inspiration and found it very interesting that my--I teach connection with a go to group of 15 archangels, and an archangel is an expression of God or source and carries a certain quality of source. So of course, there are innumerable qualities of God of source, but it--I was teaching 15, the 15 with whom I work and have these--these type connections with. And then I realized that as by accident, but not at all, as by coincidence, but not at all, I happened to be also giving to my crystal students 15 stones, 15 stones to work with. And then I'm like, "Oh," I probably was teaching both of those things separately, for a few years before I realized that the symbiotic--the structure of the two was not an accident. And I came to understand that. As Archangels carry qualities of source, the crystals are carrying qualities of source but through the earth and manifest in physical ways so that we can, more easily for many people, it's--it's easier to connect with crystals than angels, that really depends on the person. So once I realized that certain crystals are connected to the archangelic energies that carry the same quality, that's what this book is really based on. It's noting that there--there's so much support trust, and support for us is not limited to earth or sky, but really, it's--it's really both. And of course, there's no place that source or God is not. So this, you know, in a very harmonious way, it's like a big hug from above and below.

Jim Harold 11:53
Now, are there any cautions? Are there any things that we have to be careful of when dealing with this? Because it strikes me anytime that you deal with anything that has, quote, magical properties, that--that there has to be some caretaking? Are there any cautionary tales? Or just things to watch out for and make sure that you're not misdirecting what you're doing? Or--well, you know what I mean (laughs).

Kathryn Hudson 12:17
I do, I do. Absolutely. So the first thing that I want to say is that if--if one chooses to be conscious, and invite angels into any work, whether it's crystal work or anything else, that that maintains a high level of energy, and so protection. So that's the first thing we can dodge--we can dodge a lot of bullets that way, or energetic bullets. The other thing, the only caution, the only--and I'll speak about the other caution afterward. But the only real caution that I would suggest and that I would--yeah, more, it's more than a suggestion, I'd say. Is that we cannot presume to work with crystals without the accord of the person that's concerned. So going back to the half kidding, but no, I've actually had the experience. Yeah, going back to the example of a mother who would like her son to stop doing drugs. And so can I slip in Amethyst in his room. Two things happen in such a situation one, it doesn't work, because the son hasn't given his accord he's not--he's not open and willing to work with the crystal, the crystal doesn't take over the free will of the sun. And so first of all, it's not going to work. The second thing is a little bit more subtle. And it's really not good. And so I would say this is a warning. If we act really with good intentions, it's most often with good intentions. But if we take an action to have an impact on someone else, energetically, without their accord, their approval, their permission. Well, it's black magic. It's almost the definition of it. I mean, it's not the formal ways that people experience that in the world. But taking action to impact someone else energetically without their approval has enormous karmic weight.

Jim Harold 14:19
Even if you feel it's to their benefit?

Kathryn Hudson 14:22
Yes, because the free will of the person must be respected. Basically, you're taking--you're--you're taking power over the person, you're taking the person's power away. You're imposing your will. And so even when it is positive, if we're doing it, it's doing something in kind of a sneaky, energetic way and they're not aware and they're not saying yes, yeah, it's got--it's got real karmic cost to it. There's a penalty to it, because every single soul no matter what they're experiencing, to our human perspective, every single soul is experiencing what they're experiencing for a reason. So, yeah, it's not like somebody's choking, and we intervene, the person is aware that they're choking. And you know, we're not doing it subtly, we're not hiding it. But when we're talking about energy, we have to be even more clean and even more clear, and be very mindful. Now, of course, we're not going to be effective if we're slipping an amethyst into somebody's room, so they stop drinking or whatever. But, but there's a weight to it energetically. And that would be my only caution. All of the other cautions that you can hear about crystals, and there are so many, you know, oh, yeah, certainly, there are situations that are best avoided, like, you don't want to take the Selenite crystal, which is basically, at its nature, its base is salt. You don't want to clear--you don't want to clean it in water, because you'll get a glass of water at the end of it, the crystal will be gone. Or you don't want to clear up pyrite and water because it's going to rust, and you don't want to put an amethyst to clear it in the sun, because it will lose its powerful purple color. And so it'll lose some of its power.

Jim Harold 16:15
And another one that I recall, I think we talked to and I know, you know, Nicholas Pearson, we talked to him about this, I think something about people trying to use crystals to somehow energize water in drinking water. And that's something you have to be very careful about because it can be poisonous and dangerous, right?

Kathryn Hudson 16:35
Yes, absolutely. This is--that's such a good point. And, and really those, I mean, there are certain--there are certain stones that you know, that can work with. And if you--you'll see these things, if you spend any time on the internet, you quickly come to understand what's possible and what's not. But there's putting them in water or combining them with water and other things. Without knowing, if you don't have a scientific background, it's never a good idea to just imagine that it will be well, if you're going to ingest it.

Jim Harold 17:07
And I think--I think what Nicholas, and again, if I'm wrong, this is just based off of memory. What he suggested was is if you wanted to work with stones and drinking water, you put the drinking water in a container, a totally separate container with no stones in it, then you could place, on the outside of the container, the stones around the container. I believe that's what he said.

Kathryn Hudson 17:31
Absolutely. Absolutely. And it's really, of course, if you're going to do that there's--it is a ritual, there's intention. And it is not--it is not less effective. And it is absolutely safer in many instances.

Jim Harold 17:47
So don't put your crystals--do not put your crystals in drinking water (laughs).

Kathryn Hudson 17:52

Jim Harold 17:52
I want to get that out there. We also have that discussion when we talk about herbs and things. We've had a few people on talking about herbs. That's something you can be extremely careful about because the wrong plants can kill you. So be careful out there.

Kathryn Hudson 18:07
(Laughs) Don't try this at home.

Jim Harold 18:08
(Laughs). In the book, you try to sum up. You talk about crystal chakra meditation. What is crystal chakra meditation and how does it work?

Kathryn Hudson 18:20
Yeah. So in the book, there's actually I've written out a crystal chakra meditation that came to me. And it was kind of a funny story. I was--I was teaching about angels for many years, and I've got two enormous geodes, Amethyst geodes, of course, in my--in my living room. It's two half of an enormous rock, like three feet tall. And I was cleaning around them as I was preparing for a small class I was holding here on angels. And I heard well, "when are we going to start, you know, working together?" And then so suddenly, "I'm like, oh, yeah, what a great idea. I'll teach about working with crystals. I've been doing it for so many years, of course, and that--that connection with angels would be there." So that's what started it. And I set up a little weekend and I thought, Oh, this will be nice, because when I teach about angels and when I teach anything intense, I mean, there are people that have, that experience deep transformations. There's you know, people--people are crying, people, you know, there's stuff going on. So I thought, "oh, won't this be nice? We'll have tea. This will be a nice light, not very deep, you know, just an enjoyable workshop." This is what I thought. And then two days before it was to begin, I woke up in the morning with this crystal chakra meditation. I saw it, I heard it, and I experienced it, and I ran to write it down, to type it out. And basically what it is, is I got guidance about seven stones and um, you picture yourself, I saw myself coming into like into the base of a mountain. And from one cave chamber to another that was filled with that particular stone, there were messages. Oh, yeah, really, really powerful stuff. But anyway, I--I thought, "oh, that will be good for the second day, people will be kind of already used to the stones and we'll do a nice crystal meditation for the connector with the chakras." And it was just a small group, but one person was--so yeah, it's really super powerful. So, you know, do it gently. But one person actually did get sick, you know, she was vomiting as a result. So I thought it was going to be this light and fun workshop weekend. But finally, and that's my very first class. That's where I learned kind of what you're touching on. How much respect is to be accorded these seemingly inanimate--inanimate members of our families, seemingly inanimate objects, because they really can, if people are ready, they can really get things moving within us. So there are seven stones and seven messages. Each message brings us more into alignment with our being and they absolutely are in accordance, in connection with the activity of the seven chakras.

Jim Harold 21:24
Do different stones, in essence, not play nice with other stones? Do they counteract each other? Or is that a misnomer? Is that a myth? Or they're like you have this one stone to help you accomplish A, and you have this one to help you accomplish B, but the combination don't work particularly well together?

Kathryn Hudson 21:47
Yeah, I love this question. In fact, I wanted to touch on it when you said are there warnings? Because when you look at the internet, boy oh boy, are there warnings, warnings all over the place. I've got my New York accent there, warnings,

Jim Harold 21:59
The warnings.

Kathryn Hudson 22:00
Warnings. But anyway, there are warnings. And, "oh, you can't clear it this way. And you can't put these two together." I would argue that this is anthropomorphism. Yes, there are some humans that we shouldn't put together. But stones come from the same--from a different frequency, and they're in unity and harmony with the earth and with each other. We may, that said, two things to note. One is working with crystals, the most important thing about working with crystals is being very clear in our intention. And so, and the book is filled with the importance of intention, but also different ways to work with them. So as long as our intention is very clear, we will get from each stone what we need without them having any cross interference, let's say. So yeah, it's a match. It's a legend. And I would argue it is senseless to bring anything fearful into any kind of energetic activity because energy seeks equilibrium. And if we're in fear, we're going to, our emanation is going to attract experiences that will confirm the fear, you kind of get what you--what you're waiting to get. But yeah, so the crystals get along very well. I would say, let yourself be guided by intuition. You know, there are stones, and it could change from day to day, I might feel, "oh, yeah, yeah, let's put them a little bit at a distance today, or let's put them together," let yourself be guided. But there are no hard and fast rules and there is certainly no animosity between their energy. If you're going to work with a stone that's really powerful, like an azurite, or an obsidian, rainbow obsidian, and you have a heavy duty crystal that amplifies, like, you know, it's important to be aware that certain stones will amplify the impact. And so, you know, you could get dizzy, you get maybe a little--a little nauseous. And the idea is to also go along and reap the, from the experience that you have, adjust what you're working with and how you're working with them.

Jim Harold 24:22
Now, you gave us that great story about when you were working in a bank in Manhattan in the 90s. And that experience, do you have any other story? And you probably have many of them. But a story of someone took these principles using the crystals in this way with the angelic realm where it really in one way or another made a major, major difference with them?

Kathryn Hudson 24:47
Yes. And it's one of--it's one of my earlier, earliest classes. I had a woman come who was very unhappy, deeply, deeply, deeply unhappy in her work. So she was basically working just to pay the bills. But every day, she got out of bed and didn't want to get out of bed, didn't want to go to work. And she came to the crystal class kind of on a lark, she came kind of on a lark, she, you know, we had met, she liked me well enough. And she said, "Well, this--this will be interesting, a distraction," do something to lighten up the burden that she was feeling that her life was at that time. And when we were doing the work, what came out, we worked with a Labradorite. And Labradorite is, I like to call it the Merlin stone, although there are other stones called that. And the reason is, there's this bright light within. And at first glance, we might not see that light. But if we sit with the Labradorite and we turn it around, we're going to get these flashes of bright, brilliant light and color that's within. And, you know, we were talking about the fact that so often our passing along, you know, going through grade school, in high school and etc. Sometimes our shine, our light does indeed get covered over, you know, so you can't always see it. And we were talking about, you know, working with that stone to find our joy, to rekindle the light and the shine that's within. And this person who had come to the class and, you know, she was listening very intently, taking notes, didn't--didn't talk much. She did have, in the beginning, no initial experience. But after the--it's and it was just two days, but pretty intense. At the end, she was really feeling, and she was like crying. And you know, it was obviously moving for her. Well, she took--basically what everything that's in the book is what I put in my class, it's so that people who can't come to Paris, for example, where all my rocks are, can--can still do the learning. She contacted me, I didn't hear from her for a while, you know, this is how life goes on and people find their own ways. And then she contacted me. And she had completely, completely transformed her life. She was in fact, working with crystals. She--she had left her day job completely. She was--she had spent a significant period of time rendering deeper her connection with crystals, and had started up her own business of working with crystals, sourcing crystals, you know, sustainable sourcing from different places from Africa, from all around France, from all around Europe. And this was her path, and she was shining bright and a light at the end of it. So she does both crystal healing but also the other side of it, making crystals more accessible to people in the world. So I mentioned the example that comes to mind when you posed this question. A lot of my students have used crystal knowledge to fortify healing that they're doing or therapy work that they're doing for clients. But it's--it's Catherine, and her name is Catherine also. Spelled differently, but it's Catherine that comes to mind when you when you ask the question. So I think that the--the takeaway is this, if you're attracted to crystals, even mildly, even mildly curious, because a lot of people are not and there are many paths, but if you are, and you're willing, crystals can absolutely have a transformative impact on your path. Yeah.

Jim Harold 28:47
Well, it has been a fantastic discussion, we've been talking about the book Discovering Your Crystal Family: Working with stones and their angelic messengers. Our guest has been Kathryn Hudson. Kathryn, I know you have a lot of books, you have more books coming in the future, and this one of course, where can people get this book, your other books and tap into everything you do?

Kathryn Hudson 29:10
Oh, thanks so much. So yeah, for my books, the ones that are out in English are Inviting Angels into your Life and this, Discover your Crystal Family. They're available on Amazon. They have been in Barnes and Noble, but books don't always stay--stay on the shelves there. So best thing to do is to take a look at the Inner Traditions site, which is part of Simon and Schuster and they are the publishers, or are on Amazon, my book, Discover your Soul Mission. Your life purpose is coming out very soon. Just in a--in a month or two, so that's--that--that's new and exciting. My website is Kathryn spelled weird. It's K A T H R Y N Hudson like the because I live in France. And if you'd like to check out what I get up to, I do a lot of distance work. I also have been doing daily Angel messages one that I do one in French and then I do one in English so if you hear the French look a little bit further and you'll see it, and they're available on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Jim Harold 30:17
Very good. Our guest has been Kathryn Hudson. The book is Discover your Crystal Family: Working with stones and their angelic messengers. Check it out. Kathryn, thank you once again for joining us.

Kathryn Hudson 30:29
My pleasure. Thanks so much, Jim, for having me. And have a great day.

Jim Harold 30:33
Thank you, and thank you for tuning in. We appreciate it, and we will talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody. Bye bye.