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Feb 2, 2022

Psychic James Hunt joins us to give us his take on various paranormal phenomena.

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Jim Harold 0:00
Fleeting glimpses of things seen through a veil, darkly. Do we understand the meaning of these visions of life, why we are here, and how little of our existence we truly understand? Tonight we will talk about these things on, The Other Side.

Well, I think we're going to have a great show today. I love to talk with psychic mediums, people who have a gift which I could never personally imagine having. I kind of joke, usually I'm as sensitive as a board. But the gentleman today, that we're going to speak with, definitely does not fall into that category. I'm talking about James Hunt, he is an acclaimed psychic medium who became aware of his sixth sense at the early age of five. Born in Montreal to a half Native psychic mother, he was raised, nurtured and guided by both the living and the dead. And over the years, Jim has helped thousands of people around the globe set and achieve goals both personally and professionally with his unconventional methods. His out of the box approach to solving problems comes naturally. And you can also check out Jim's work from the TV show, "Knock Knock Ghost," which is available on Amazon Prime, where he travels the world searching for answers to some of our biggest questions about what happens to us when we die. And we will talk to him about that, some Canadi- Canadian haunted locations. And, so glad to speak with him and appreciate his time. Jim Hunt, welcome to the program.

James Hunt 1:38
Thank you very much for that intro, Jim. Appreciate that.

Jim Harold 1:41
Well, good to be with you. Now, I want to talk about your childhood a little bit. Because you know, when we think-- when you're five years old, you're playing with toy blocks and things like that. But you were introduced into this psychic world very early. How did that manifest itself for you or to you?

James Hunt 2:02
Well, it's a story that is very-- I'm very fond of, and it's not a difficult thing. At the time-- because back in the day, it's the 60s, so we had the G.I. Joes. I had a big sandbox of a backyard. And I, the previous fall, I had buried this G.I. Joe with the space capsule, the whole thing, and buried it underground in my sandbox. And all winter, I tried to wait for it. Letting it my mom know, I don't know where it is. It's missing. It was one of my favorite toys. And it wasn't until the following spring, that I was sitting in the same sandbox, and had this man right across the- the other corner of the sandbox. And all he was doing was pointing towards a certain section of the sandbox. And I'm asking him, "What are you pointing at?" And he kept on pointing, and he just says, "You'll be happy, you'll be happy." And I just went to that point, took my little plastic shovel, started digging, and lo and behold, that's where I had placed my G.I. Joe with the space capsule in. And then I turned around once. I wanted to say thank you to him, and he wasn't there anymore. So that was my very first experience with a ghost.

Jim Harold 3:22
Very interesting, indeed.

James Hunt 3:24

Jim Harold 3:24
Very interesting, indeed. That's- that's quite an introduction. And I remember those G.I. Joes. (Laughs).

James Hunt 3:32
(Laughs). Yeah, I am aging myself, but it's alright. It was good to be-- I was in my own world, oldest child. You know, you just set up playing with yourself, in the sense of not having too many friends around, because we were in a brand new area of the city where these were new apartments. Nobody had moved in yet. So I was quite a bit on my own.

Jim Harold 3:55
Now, you talked about your mom's indigenous background. Can you talk to us about that, and what role that played you feel?

James Hunt 4:03
Um. It's- It was very varied. It was a beautiful thing. My mother died by the time I was 19, but what I had learned in those few years that I got to be with her. It was an understanding of my spirituality, of what I was able to see, what I was able to feel. And I guess I would be tested by the community, which would be the- the aboriginal people around me. And there were certain things that I would come up with and just say, "Hey, how come everyone-- there's beautiful colors around everybody?" Because I started seeing aura colors, and that brought me into an elementary school where my drawings were full of rainbows around people where everybody else was just drawing stick people. I was drawing sti- stick people with rainbows around them. And my mother sort of explained to me that I was able to see certain colors on people that represented their moods. And it was ironic, because 15 years later, they had the mood rings, which were kind of funny. And I was specifically doing that and other studying. That was the beginning of how my mother was teaching me to use those colors to be careful of the people around you, see who is good, who isn't good, who's sick, who isn't sick, who's honest to you, who's not going to hurt you, all of these things came to light. And I was quite well versed in knowing or understanding the colors, or watching them change with a person when I was sitting in a living room full of adults and all their colors would change quite often.

Jim Harold 5:40
Interesting, interesting. Now, when you were a psychic medium, and I ask this a lot of mediums when I speak with them, is it something you can turn on and turn off? Like say that you have to go get the oil change to your car? Can you go do that and not be interrupted by these psychic impressions? Or is it just something that's always there?

James Hunt 6:06
I- I am hoping by doing these podcasts, and giving the explanation to people, that if there is a psychic medium or a medium that comes to you and says that they can turn that off? I'm not going to swear, but it's- they're- they're BS-ing you.

Jim Harold 6:24

James Hunt 6:25
I- I can honestly say that it impossible to turn off the dead if you're already in tune to seeing them. There's not an avoidance, it's like they are in front of you. If you're not acknowledging them, sometimes they walk right by you. If you're getting any form of eye contact with people, which we all do naturally. I do it naturally with the dead. And I see them. I converse with them. I have conversations. And just a month ago, I went for an oil change. And the woman that was doing the oil change, I noticed her grandmother beside her. And she had just passed away three days, but she had to go into work. And I just said, "Hey, you're looking down. Is everything okay?" And she had just said, "I lost my grandmother." And I said, "Aw, her name was Hazel." She started to cry, and I never got my oil done. But--

Jim Harold 7:15
(Laughs). Isn't that funny that I mentioned that?

James Hunt 7:18

Jim Harold 7:18
Isn't that interesting that I mentioned that? Because I was like, "Well, what analogy am I going to use? Oil change's a good one, that's pretty normal thing. Isn't that--

James Hunt 7:26

Jim Harold 7:26
--too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, I think.

James Hunt 7:30
It's very cool, and that just made me think of it right away. Thank you for that one.

Jim Harold 7:37
So: the dead.

James Hunt 7:40

Jim Harold 7:40
Now, are they-? You say you see them all the time--

James Hunt 7:43

Jim Harold 7:43
--and you s-- just as naturally as you see a living person. I mean, what are-? Are they someplace else, and here at the same time? Are they just here? Where are they? What is their experience?

James Hunt 7:56
Well, it's based on their soul levels. It's based on how many times they've been back and forth, reincarnated, gone to the light coming back out of the light, making choices. Some of them criss-cross each other or walk like-- you can visually feel-- what I see is they'll come across and walk through one another, not even noticing each other, because one is on a higher plane than the other. There's so many variations, I can go on for hours about what you see. And each one will notif- notice me. I'll notice them. And sometimes, I'll just get an acknowledgement of a head- a head-- the old school head tilt, and, "I have acknowledged I have nothing to say to you, because I'm- I'm on another mission somewhere." But they're always there. They're always conversing. They're always working with me. And I'm working with them. And it's always-- it's just a very interesting concept for people to try and understand who don't have that mediumship attached to them. To psychics, to me, when they hear voices, they hear multiple different voices: the auditory side of it, but they don't see the dead. I see the dead, and sometimes they're not auditory at all, but they show actions, which helped me too.

Jim Harold 9:14
Yeah, that- that's really one of those things. You kind of wonder about that. Now, let me ask you about this. This is something that has bothered me. I just did an interview on another podcast, they interviewed me, because I've been doing this quite a while, since 2005, for a podcaster, because nobody knew what that was back then.

James Hunt 9:33

Jim Harold 9:33
So they wanted to interview me about my paranormal pod- and they asked me what I learned. And the vast majority of it, I think, has been very positive. But one thing that has troubled me over the years, is this idea of people getting stuck after they die.

James Hunt 9:48

Jim Harold 9:48
And you know, I've always had a feel that, or a hope, and a belief that there's some kind of cosmic justice. You know, if you go through life, and you're a pretty good person-- and nobody's perfect. And we all have flaws. You know, on a Friday when the dogs made a mess, the garbage bag breaks, and the coffee's burning, or something, we can all be unpleasant. So none of us are perfect. But overall, I've always felt, you know, if you're a good person, hopefully, you know, good things happen to you in the afterlife. You may have lessons to learn, that you may need to be taught, and so forth. But good things happen. And if you're Hitler, maybe not so good things happen. I've always kind of hoped that that's kind of the case, to some extent. But the idea of somebody just getting stuck, and not knowing they're dead, and those kinds of things: that seems so unjust to me, and unfair, and scary. What do you think about the subject of people getting stuck? Is that a thing? And if so, what is it? And why is it?

James Hunt 10:57
Well, there's so many variations to that, Jim, and an example is a spirit going through a loop of going into the same intersection that they were hit by a bus or a car, or just die of a heart attack out of nowhere. And they go through the same loop over and over and over again. And what I've explained to people is, I've seen that, and I see it all the time. And I saw this woman at a certain corner here in Toronto, and she was doing the same thing, and I had seen it for years. And I did not know how I could try to get that loop to stop. So I had to do a history on this: find out where the accident happened, what her background was, and she ended up being a librarian. So to get her attention of stopping this loop, because she- she didn't know that she was dead, really. But she was going through the motions, and it kept on happening. I rested books in the intersection of the crosswalk, which made her stop for a millisecond or so take a look, "why would books be on the road?" She picked it up, I got her attention. She looked at me I said, "Isn't it time that you go to the light and visit your mom and your grandma?" Boom, gone. I have never seen her. It's been seven years now, I have not seen that girl go through that- that intersection ever again, because she ended up getting out of that unknown feeling. Because you can have a lost soul. There are lost souls. So there's always an investigation that you have to do, or try and figure out, or do-- be a private investigator to the dead so that you can send them home. I don't believe-- like your Hitler that you talked about-- and we all want him to be punished for the crimes that he committed, but understand that this man went to the light, wasn't exactly forgiven. But his penance is to say sorry to every single one of those people that he destroyed, before he can come back to Earth, and start all over again, and do something new. So if there's still people that are living from concentration camps, or their children that have had episodes of fear and anger, he, Hitler, still has to acknowledge that when these people pass away into the spirit world, and explain why he did that, and that gets closure. So Hitler's got a century of shit to clear up before he gets to do this again.

Jim Harold 13:28
Now, for those who-- I mean, pretty much everyone's lost loved ones, and as you get to middle age where I'm in, lost a lot of them. You know, I'm looking around, and the generation in front of me, that preceded me is almost gone.

James Hunt 13:46

Jim Harold 13:47
It's like, my dad's eighty-six. Everybody he knows, you know, is dying. There's just very-- I could count on one hand, the people of the previous generation, that are still around, unfortunately.

James Hunt 14:00

Jim Harold 14:01
What-- you know, to those of us-- and again, almost everybody listening has lost somebody significant in their life. Uh, is that--? I've heard people say that just because someone's dead, that doesn't mean the relationship ends. Do you believe that? And if so, how can we continue the relationship?

James Hunt 14:22
On the spiritual side, I believe that the universe allowed us to meet your, our families, our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, all our family members, even friends that we've lost on this earth. And on the spiritual, or the ghost, level: they are still with us. There's a piece of them that is still with us. You're-- there's a connection, whether you're alive or dead, that we're all from the same being of some sort. So we are feeling their touch, their respect, their admiration, their anger, their sorrow. And it comes to us, but a majority of the spirits are there to protect us, or to guide us, so that we can move to a better soul level, to be better connected to ourselves, to start loving ourselves more. Because we say as we get more mature, we've- we- we become less argumentative, and less angry, and become more independent, and believing in ourselves. It's not just because we're getting older that we fall into these things. It's the people that have passed on that are giving us that wisdom to say, "you know, I am going to lose it on that dog, because he ate the garbage and it's Friday night, and I want to watch my TV show." Instead, you're just going, "aw man, I left that garbage out, and I didn't-- and the dog just didn't know any better. I'm just gonna let it go." It's just not our maturity over that. It's the spirits that are around us saying, "Don't lose it on something like that. That was your fault initially, anyway. So learn by your injustice or your mistake, and don't do it again." So the spirits of our family and our friends are always around us, because they're teaching us to be... to love ourselves more, because they didn't do it. And they're learning now, in the light, that when they do come back into a reincar- incarnated state that they're going to love theirselves more in the next soul. They're going to take care of themselves. They're going to be more empathic. They're going to be less narcissistic. They're- they're going to-- the idea behind all these additional soul lives is to become more spiritual to one another, and less argumentative. And the sides or-- the sides?-- the opportunity to become less aggressive and become more loving and caring. And I'm not a tree hugger here. I'm explaining that this is really what we should be doing is our world is based as a village. We just haven't come together to be that village to help one another yet.

Jim Harold 16:57
Now, what about darker spirits? You know, it seems like if you watch the- the TV shows, the ghost hunting TV shows, which honestly, I don't watch that much.

James Hunt 17:06

Jim Harold 17:06
But if you do watch them, everybody thinks they have a demon.

James Hunt 17:09

Jim Harold 17:09
Now, I come ac- I come across the-- my thought is, is that you probably don't have a demon, but I fully believe that dark energies exist. But you would know way better than me. What do you say about dark energies? Demonic energies? Are they real? And how- how and why do they manifest? And how can we get rid of them?

James Hunt 17:33
Well, we don't have all day, Jim, but I can give you a few examples I might have. I have my TV show, Knock Knock Ghosts. I went around many different Canadian places that had these entities that were darker, or people felt very uncomfortable with them. Unjust energies. People getting scratched, pushed, made to feel depressed, anger. They do all the opposite of what the majority of the spirit world does, because there are more healthy spirits than there are dark entities. But when we call on them, or we're feeling them, it's our job as a psychic medium to go in there and try and defuse the situation. I'm not there to sensationalize anything. I am just there to go in, say, "Leave this person alone. That person doesn't belong to you. They called you up here, and you took advantage of their weakness. So why are you still continuing to hurt them? Step away, you no longer have control over them." It's-- you have to show full strength. You have to show no fear. You have to be very much in the moment that you're dealing with the dark energy, cause they would, as quick as anything that we have here on Earth, a sociopath or a psychopath who feels nothing, will simply just try and hurt you or kill you in real life. These entities want to hurt you. Possess you. Control you. And you have to have the inner strength in yourself to say, "No." And a lot of people who look at these shows-- and you have the paranormal investigators who want to provoke the dead. So absolutely, they're going to get the darker energy before they'll get the better energy. And it's just a matter of who feels stronger than who to get rid of them. But there's so much out there right now in the dark energy, because of what's been happening for the last 19-20 months; that people's stress, anxiety levels are so high, these dark energies are just feeding off of that. And it's until we start seeing the light in our own tunnel, is when we can prevent them from coming back again. But they're in droves right now. They're everywhere. It's horrible.

Jim Harold 19:48
So there are a lot of demons and things out there these days. And then is it because people are kind of not-- they're throwing caution to the wind, and they're being kinda you know, provoking and so forth.

James Hunt 20:02
Absolutely. I think that because they don't feel it, or see it right away, they only hear, or get a hearsay about it, or they feel like they're The Conjuring of going to get all of these demons. They are making these demons, these midians, these darker energies, stronger, because they're vampires, and they steal that energy. You end up being exhausted, or sweating, or feeling like their rage. They can take over very quickly if you're not prepared for it. Because people go in, never prepared for the dead who are demonic, dark, because they have a file on us. Each and every single demonic has a file on us to find our weaknesses, so that they can try and manipulate and control us.

Jim Harold 20:52
Now, let me--

James Hunt 20:53
It's horrible.

Jim Harold 20:54
Okay, so- so where do they come from? Where do these demons come from? Do they come from, you know, some people don't believe in the devil. But do they come from the devil? Where do they come from?

James Hunt 21:03
They come from us. They come from who we are, as human beings, our- our capabilities, our soul levels. They don't want change, so they're gonna die and try and be more evil when they come back again. They don't go to a light. They're called upon to take over another soul, who's decided to choose somebody as their parents, and whatever they're doing in the spiritual realm, and they push that soul aside and say, "I'm taking over that body. I'm gonna go to-- I'm going to be born into that child, so that I can come back and be a Hitler."

Jim Harold 21:43
Interesting. Wow.

James Hunt 21:44
You know, that's- that's what they do. They- they are that strong.

Jim Harold 21:48
Wow, that's- that's- that's disturbing. That's--

James Hunt 21:51
It's scary, actually.

Jim Harold 21:52
Yeah. So I mean, in a way, are a lot of people these days play- kind of playing, for lack of a better term, Russian roulette?

James Hunt 22:02
Absolutely. Um, back in the day, my middle daughter brought a Ouija board to the home, which I would never allow to have in my home. She brought it in here. And it took me a year to clean- to clear out our own home. Took me a year. I needed a demonologist to help me get rid of some of the demons that were in my home. It was horrible.

Jim Harold 22:27
Wow. So obviously, you are not-- because I've interviewed people who say, "Absolutely don't do anything with Ouija boards." I've heard other people say, "They're just like anything else. They're a tool. It's how you use them. If you're careful," and so forth. You sound like you come down squarely on the, "just don't do it" camp.

James Hunt 22:46
Don't do it. No. That's so old. It was never artificial. Somebody dark created that board. And they're in control of that board to this day. They've never come back to Earth. They're just, "Okay, here's your ticket. You're-- you have this. You've been on the waiting list to go and create some trouble. Here you go. Off you go." So this demonic is always putting other evil entities around that energy, that board, because that's what we're looking for. We're looking for that excitement, that danger, that people really don't get or understand that it's-- this is not a joke. What I do for a living, is not a joke. But we're looked upon-- because we're only 5% of the population that believes in the paranormal anyway.

Jim Harold 23:32
Interesting. So in terms of other creatures that we might think of paranormal-- and again when I talk about paranormal, and now it's kind of, again, because of the TV shows, I think, people think paranormal: "Oh, you're talking just about ghosts." I think it's so much wider.

James Hunt 23:48

Jim Harold 23:48
For me, I kind of grew up when you said, "paranormal," it meant this whole range of anomalous activity; I even put UFOs into it.

James Hunt 23:57

Jim Harold 23:57
So when we talk about things like Greys or Bigfoot, or those kinds of things, are the--

James Hunt 24:06

Jim Harold 24:06
--Is there aliens? Is-- do you think there was a supernatural, paranormal, aspect to those? Or something like a Bigfoot, it's just an animal. Or Greys, if they exist, they're just ETs? Or are we dealing with spiritual things? Because for example, if you look at the work of somebody like Stan Gordon in the American state of Pennsylvania, a coincidence of UFO sightings and Bigfoot sightings, for example. So are these other beings a part of this picture? Or is it something totally separate?

James Hunt 24:38
No. We all die. We all have a life expectation. We're not going to live to 300-400 years old. In this earth, maybe the Greys and the ETs do, but as many-- well no, I can't say that, there is a percentage of Greys that I see in spirit. They can acknowledge my presence spiritually, by giving me a nod of the head, looking at me, or avoiding me, or not even thinking that I'm a peasant to them, because I don't have the soul's ability to communicate with the majority of them. And if somebody does, I would like to meet them. But they- they are amongst us. And they're here to guide us, just as much as our human form, in spirit, are. They all have a mission, whether you're in spirit, at-- on any form, or if you're human, what we consider human, at of any form. Our spirituality, our death: we go into a plane that is very different. And they don't even acknowledge one another, because of the higher range, or sophistication, of their personalities that live in their souls. So I don't feel for a second that we have the shapeshifters, we have the Greys, what people consider the ETs, the Bigfoots; to me are definitely portal beings that go from one to another. They-- I see this, and I feel it, because our world is full of these portals that they can go in and out of. And I think the Greys do the portal thing too, and come in and out of certain areas. I don't think they- they- I think they manifest through portals that we see them, or they come to us and help us actually, sometimes. So that we're not destroying each other and killing each other.

Jim Harold 26:34
Another thing I'd like to ask you about, I know we're kind of going a little bit all over the place here--

James Hunt 26:38
That's okay.

Jim Harold 26:38
--but I like getting the perspective of, particularly as I said, psychic mediums. Um, here's a question. I've often wondered about this myself. I firmly believe that people have psychic gifts, but I've heard this point come up. And I think that it's something that bears discussion, and I'd like to get your perspective on it.

James Hunt 26:43

Jim Harold 26:50
People-- I've heard people-- and I've even had that thought myself. Okay, let's say I'm sitting down with a psychic. And they they give me a reading, and they're saying, "Well, you know, your grandmother's coming back," and- and they're giving all this affirmation: stuff they couldn't possibly know. So it's obviously, it's not a fake, it's real. There's-- they're getting information. How do we know that they're getting the information from the other side and not, accidentally, getting it telepathically from the person being read? Do you see what I mean? The psychic believes that they're tapping into the person who has passed--

James Hunt 27:39

Jim Harold 27:39
--but they're actually tapping into the memories of the person who is getting the reading. So-- and I'm not saying the psychic is a fraud, but the psychic is just misinterpreting where the information is coming from.

James Hunt 27:53
Now, I've seen and heard a lot about this, and I am going to consider myself an expert. Because nobody can tell me any different, and I'm not been narcissistic or a swollen head here.

Jim Harold 28:07

James Hunt 28:08
But I have learned, through my lifetime of 63 years, that on the left side, the heart chakra side, I am getting information that is very valid, very real, very honest. And I'm telling you, 99.9% of the time, it is a very correct interpretation, or voice, that is talking to me to give that advice to somebody who's living, that gets that affirmation. Any information that I get on the right, I have to ask myself, "Why am I getting this information? It's very quick. They're giving me false details. I'm not feeling very good." And my right side will get much colder, knowing that it's not a valid place to get that information. If I'm getting it on my left it's-- again, I feel the warmth, the connection, the hugging feeling that this grandmother wants to give to their grandson, and or granddaughter, or whomever, and I'm feeling that energy as very positive. When, on the right side of my energy, when I'm getting the information, it's not so awed. It's spotty, it's delayed, there's a lot of different things that I get. So, I'm very much aware of the type of information that I'm giving someone, because I will go to the left side of my- my body before I go to the right side of my body to give someone some information. That's how I see it.

Jim Harold 29:42
Now what--

James Hunt 29:45
Is that new for you?

Jim Harold 29:46
Yeah, yeah, yeah that- that makes sense.

James Hunt 29:48

Jim Harold 29:49
What do the dead-- I mean, I know it goes from time to time to time, and it differs person to person, but what are some of the themes that our dead loved ones want to get across to us in readings and so forth.

James Hunt 30:05
It's-- they don't want to be bothered 95% of the time, it's--

Jim Harold 30:09

James Hunt 30:10
--we missed them. We love them. We want to be with them. We want them back in our lives. And the spirits who have passed on are saying, "Oh my god, I just spent my 89 years down there, and it wasn't all that fun. I'm here. I'm okay. I can't wait to see when you're ready to move on too." But if there's messages from some: it is the mother that's rushing to work, who has a head on collision and another on a highway, who will never see her children in this life form. But she'll see them in a spiritual form. And she'll want to communicate. And she finds that her children aren't listening, or her husband isn't listening, because they don't want to believe in the spirit world. And they're waiting for messages, and they can't get it across. These are the type of things that happen. And it's-- these are the ones that want to send us a message, or I left my will somewhere, "Where did you leave the will, mom? I don't know where it is." And you'll get someone to say, "Oh, my God, pull up the third drawer of your dresser, flip it upside down, and it's taped to the back of the dresser." These things are messages that people want to get. Or, "I never liked you. You were not my son, even when I gave birth to you." I've had to-- I've never said that to someone, but I had-- it was given to me on the left side of my body, to give that information to a son. And there was no way. I just said I don't feel anything. I was not going to tell that person that.

Jim Harold 30:13
Well, that's a good question--

James Hunt 31:43
That was the truth.

Jim Harold 31:44
How do you? How do you deal with that, when you get tough information? I mean, let's say, and I don't know, if you get this kind of information, maybe you do. Like, you see somebody is likely going to die, or something like that.

James Hunt 31:58

Jim Harold 31:58
Or maybe you see that there's just something horrible in their future, or something kind of nasty like that. I mean, how do you deal with that, on a case by case basis?

James Hunt 32:11
Okay, so I am a good psychic medium, but I don't always get those feelings. There are many other psychics that will get that. I have never met a psychic medium that has been able to give that information, because I don't think we have the capabilities. And if we do that's amazing. But I find that psychics can literally give that information or get that information, and then they have to figure out how to distribute that information without breaking that person's heart, or making them look at themselves to fix themselves. The only time that I've ever done this was at a truck stop for a man, and his mother was beside him. I was traveling back and forth from Montreal to Toronto. I was with my family. They went and sat down. Had their coffee and their food. I just said, "I'll be a minute." My wife back then just rolled her eyes saying, "Oh no, there he goes. again."

Jim Harold 33:05

James Hunt 33:06
I went and saw the guy. Went to the phone, talked to the guy. I just said, "Hey, how are you?" And he looked at me, a lot of adjectives came out of his mouth, and just said, "Blah, blah, blah. I'm talking to my dispatch. Leave me alone." I just said, "I got a message for you." And he looked at me said, "Get the F out of here. I- you're crazy." And I just said, "Margaret has something to tell you." He hung up the phone. Margaret was his mother. I said, "You need to go to the hospital. You don't look well." He says, "I have indigestion." I said, "I don't know." I said, "Leave your truck here. Let your dispatcher know that you're going to the hospital." And he had triple bypass surgery.

Jim Harold 33:46
Wow. Wow.

James Hunt 33:48
But that's the only instance, Jim. I've never had anything more than that ever happen to me. And that only happened once, because this woman was worried about her son.

Jim Harold 33:58
Yeah, oh my.

James Hunt 33:58
I don't get those very often.

Jim Harold 34:01
So is being psychic-- the way that I've always understood it in talking to psychics is this: they- they've said to me in the past that almost everybody has some level of psychic ability if you hone it and you tune in. And then there's the Lebron James's of the world, of the psychic world, who just have the gift. And then, you know, they can choose to work, and accentuate it, and get better, or they can turn their back on it. Is that the way you see it? Or you-- do you see it differently?

James Hunt 34:37
No, I think that's going-- that goes along with anybody. We all have an ability of some sort. It's usually beaten out of us, or and I'm being honest, for a lot of those that I do talk to, or they're saying that you have a great imagination. You're a prolific liar. They can get all of those terms. So when those people are feeling that, they tend to move away from that spiritual energy that has always been trying to contact them. Because of certain things that I did as a child, and being slightly introverted, not fitting in, I ended up having these type of connections. But somebody that I grew up with, that I trusted, who wasn't introverted, and just talked to me. Just looked at me. Just said, "What are you crazy?" And- but I still had feel-- and he never had any of those feelings. And we lived about our lives. It's just interpretation of ourselves, our self-worth, what we believe in, how we are. We're not out there to use this to hurt anybody, because I have never heard of a psychic medium, or a psychic, or an intuitive elicit gaslighting somebody that they're out there to harm you. They're there to give you a message; to pass something on, or to give you information that you need to gain insight for the balance of your life.

Jim Harold 36:06
Now, tell us a little bit about your TV show. Very interesting. I love the- I love the name of it, Knock Knock Ghost. If people tune in on Amazon Prime, what can they expect?

James Hunt 36:17
Well, now it's on Amazon Prime, it's on Discovery Plus, it's on Apple TV. I just haven't updated my website, because I have no time. And I have presently left the show about two years ago. So we're going to be-- you're going to be watching this in reruns. But it was such a glorious experience. I go with a skeptic and a believer. And we go through all the most haunted places in Canada. It was a hoot. I had a lot of fun. We did meet the dark, we did meet the light, we did give a lot of people affirmations. And it was a lot of fun to do, because we kept it light. But I was the serious one, obviously. And it was a lot of fun to do this, because it allowed me to use my craft. And people can see it. That I'm not carrying that EMF meter with me very much. I'm not using any tools of the trade that the paranormal investigator would use. But I would point out to someplace, and just say, "There's orbs, right, there," or, "There are spirits right there." The camera would turn to it, and they'd see the orbs moving around. So it was- it was fun. And I was getting-- I knew nothing about the history of the place. I knew nothing about where I was going, and I was able to give all the information, because spirits were giving me the information. So it was- it was a very good thing for me to show how good I was at what I was doing: without any tools, other than myself. And I'm not calling myself a tool.

Jim Harold 37:44

James Hunt 37:44
(Laughs) Thank you.

Jim Harold 37:48
Well, where can people where- where can people get in touch, find your website? I know that you have some consulting, possibilities for people and so forth. If you want to mention a little bit about what that's all about, and tell us sure how to connect and what to expect.

James Hunt 38:05
Sure, so I want to thank you for doing this and all of that kind of thing. I have a website. It's called I'm on Instagram, and all-- everything else is-- anything that you're going to look me up is "Jim Hunt official." I am a Intuitive Life Coach, very successful. People get frustrated with me, because they can't get in in certain times. But I do a four-day week, because I have other avenues that I'm exploring. I'm starting a new show very soon. I'm not allowed to talk about it, but I'm allowed to say I am. There's a whole bunch of things that I do. I go on investigations with other people. So, I'm very sorry, what I've tried to say, long story short is: I don't have all the appointments that people are looking for. But I'm available there for anyone to connect with me. There's about a two to three week waiting list.

Jim Harold 39:05
Alright, there you have it. Jim Hunt, thank you so much for joining us on the program today.

James Hunt 39:12
Thank you, Jim. It was such a pleasure.

Jim Harold 39:14
We thank you for tuning in today. We'll talk to you next time. Have a great week everybody. Bye, bye!